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Pocket Guide to Sagebrush Birds CoverSagebrush habitats are home to unique avian species including Sage-Grouse, Brewer's Sparrow, Sharp-tailed Grouse, Sage Sparrow and Sage Thrasher. Degradation of sagebrush is causing population declines for many of these species making them high priorities for conservation. Birds are sensitive to habitat change and are considered indicators of the ecosystem health. Raising awareness for these birds will be a critical step in conserving this important habitat and the wildlife that depend on it.

Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory and PRBO Conservation Science worked cooperatively to develop the Pocket Guide to Sagebrush Birds. This guide is designed to fit in a shirt pocket for accessibility in the field. It emphasizes 40 bird species that utilize sagebrush habitats and includes tips on species identification, biology, and conservation status. Because not all of these species require similar habitat types and not all sagebrush is managed for the same goals, this guide discusses how avian needs can be incorporated into land management plans. This guide is a tool for raising awareness with landowners and resource professionals and help open doors for voluntary efforts and conservation partnerships throughout the West.

Funding for the guide was provided by multiple partners including the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Intermountain West Joint Venture, Bureau of Land Management, SageSTEP, Wyoming Game & Fish Department, Boy Scouts of America, and many more. The Pocket Guide to Sagebrush Birds is available online here. There are a limited number hard copies available for request. Please contact to request a mailed copy.