These resources are intended to provide a general introduction to the legal, institutional, and ecological considerations may help land managers in the state of Idaho implement successful vegetation treatments. Most of the links provided in the "National Resources" section are also applicable and should not be overlooked, but those found here may be more specific. Neither list claims to be comprehensive, but attempts to provide a useful introduction to relevant rules, regulations and best management practices.

General Land Management

Idaho NRCS Ecological Sciences/Technical Resources
The Idaho NRCS maintains this extensive list of ecological resource pages on topics such as Environmental Compliance, Nutrient Management, Air Quality, and Range and Pasture. Under the topic of “Range and Pasture,” a long list of documents is found ranging from Breeds of Cattle and Sheep Common to the West to Survival and Vigor of Bluebunch Wheatgrass to Selling Conservation. Links to the NRCS Idaho Practice Standards and Conservation Planning Forms, Assessments and Quality Criteria can also be found on this main page.

Idaho OnePlan Conservation Planner
Created through the cooperative efforts of a number of agencies, Idaho OnePlan is a free online planning tool that allows landowners to create a single conservation plan that will satisfy the rules and regulations of all the relevant agencies. In addition, the website provides information on a variety of different funding sources for conservation projects and streamlines the funding application process.

Sage Grouse Habitat in Idaho: A Practical Guide for Landowners and Managers
This guide provides illustrated guidance on recognizing and maintaining quality sage grouse habitat. It was produced based on the 2006 Conservation Plan for Greater Sage-grouse in Idaho.


The Idaho State Fire Plan Working Group: Policy and Guidance
This site provides access to documents related to national fire policy as well as Idaho state specific documents and memorandums. Additional information on topics such as County Wildfire Protection Plans and grants for fuels treatments can also be reached from this site’s menu.

Idaho Department of Lands Fire Management Bureau
Information on Forest Fire Laws and Administrative Rules, Wildland Urban Interface, and Smoke Management can be found here. Additional links at the end of the page lead to the Idaho National Fire Plan and other resources.

Idaho DEQ Air Quality: Wildland Fires
This page provides information on smoke management for prescribed burns as well as general information on wildland fires, smoke and health.

Pesticides/ Herbicides

Idaho State Department of Agriculture Pesticide Laws and Rules
The Idaho Pesticides and Chemigation Law as well as Idaho state rules and laws regarding pesticide certification and licensing, pesticide dealers, pesticide regulation and more can be accessed here.


Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission (IRRC)
The IRRC is a state agency whose role is to create programs and materials to increase general understanding of how rangeland ecosystems function as well as how they are managed.  Documents such as the BLM Grazing Management Fact Sheet can be found here as well as other information intended to raise awareness of the benefits of multiple use management.

Idaho State Department of Agriculture Laws and Rules: Idaho Rangelands
The Idaho Open Range Law and Fence Laws, along with general information regarding Idaho herd districts and Federal Laws governing rangelands (including the Endangered Species Act) can all be found on this webpage maintained by the Idaho Department of Agriculture.

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