These resources are intended to provide a general introduction to the legal, institutional, and ecological considerations may help land managers in the state of Nevada implement successful vegetation treatments. Most of the links provided in the "National Resources" section are also applicable and should not be overlooked, but those found here may be more specific. Neither list claims to be comprehensive, but attempts to provide a useful introduction to relevant rules, regulations and best management practices.

General Land Management

Nevada BLM Laws, Regulations, Policies and Court Decisions
This page provides access to Nevada Public Instruction Memorandums and Information Bulletins, information on filing a Freedom of Information Act request, and a list of frequently requested records.

NRCS References for Resource Conservation in Nevada
The NRCS Nevada Rangeland Monitoring Handbook and Guide to the Control of Windblown Dust on Agricultural Lands can be found here.


Nevada Division of Forestry (NDF) Controlled Burns
This page gives an overview of the requirements necessary to conduct a controlled burn in the state.  One of the most intensive requirements is a written plan, for which a word document fill-in-the-blank template is available on this website.

State of Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, Program Management Branch, Smoke Management
This website provides information about the Nevada Smoke Management Program, which was designed to coordinate and facilitate the statewide management of prescribed outdoor burning in the state of Nevada. This program is designed to meet the requirements of NRS445B.100 through 445B.845, inclusive which deal with air pollution, and the requirements of the EPA Interim Air Quality Policy on Wildland and Prescribed Fires (May 1998).

Pesticides/ Herbicides

Nevada Department of Agriculture Plant Industry Division Pesticide Registration
The Nevada Department of Agriculture regulates the use of pesticides, including herbicides, in the state, and provides this page for the public to access the relevant regulations, laws and forms.  In addition, this page offers complete registered pesticide lists searchable both by product and by company.


Nevada BLM Grazing
This page provides access to resources related to grazing on public lands and maintaining rangeland health in the face of challenges such as drought and noxious weeds. Information on grazing permits, districts and fees, standards and guidelines for livestock grazing administration, the Taylor Grazing Act, the Federal Land Policy Management Act and more can be found here.

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