These resources are intended to provide a general introduction to the legal, institutional, and ecological considerations may help land managers in the state of Oregon implement successful vegetation treatments. Most of the links provided in the "National Resources" section are also applicable and should not be overlooked, but those found here may be more specific. Neither list claims to be comprehensive, but attempts to provide a useful introduction to relevant rules, regulations and best management practices.

General Land Management

NRCS Information for Oregon Farmers and Ranchers
This page provides links to two guides designed to help private landowners with the conservation planning process. Information in these guides relates to planning, practical implementation, and financial resources for conservation projects in Oregon.

Oregon/Washington BLM Related Laws, Regulations, and Policies
The BLM maintains this list of laws and regulations related to land management actions on public lands. Many of the documents found here (such as the Endangered Species Act) may also be relevant to private landowners.

Oregon Department of Forestry Private Forests Program
The Oregon Private Forests Program supports landowners in improving forest health, timber, fish and wildlife habitat, soil and water quality, recreation opportunities and aesthetics of private forests through information, technical assistance, financial incentives and regulation. This site provides information and assistance on carbon offsets, chemical use, fish and wildlife, forest practices, forest taxes, insects and diseases, the legacy program, publications, research, seed banks, and urban forests.

Oregon Watersheds Enhancement Board (OWEB)
OWEB provides grants for vegetation treatments and other management actions that enhance and conserve the watersheds of the state. This website provides information on how to apply for and receive grants for ecosystem restoration projects benefiting the watersheds. Information on watershed restoration priorities can be found here as well as a page on OWEB’s policies and participation in the Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds.


Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Fire Information
In addition to general information on fire in Oregon and the effects of fire on wildlife, this page provides detailed lists of seed mix recommendations for use in rehabilitation following wildfire in all different regions of the state.

Oregon Department of Forests: Wildfires
This site provides detailed information on Oregon’s Fire Program; Oregon policies, strategies and documents relevant to fire prevention, other firefighting resources, and a list of resources specific to smoke management.

Oregon Natural Resources Division Smoke Management Program
The Smoke Management Program of the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) administers the open field burning rules in the Willamette Valley. The program roles are to coordinate, register, and distribute burn permits, authorize burning activities during the field burning season, provide weather forecasts and ground surveillance during burn activities, monitor acreage burned and collect burn fees, enforce the rules that govern open field burning, propane flaming, and stack burning of grass and cereal grain in the Willamette Valley, and manage the alternatives to field burning financial assistance program.

Herbicides/ Pesticides

BLM Oregon Vegetation Treatments Environmental Impact Statement Documents
This EIS allows for an expanse in the use of herbicides on Oregon BLM land to now include “the treatment of all invasive plants; the control of pests and diseases; the control of native vegetation to achieve habitat goals specified in interagency conservation Strategies for Federally-listed and other Special Status species.” The Record of Decision, Final EIS, Draft EIS, and Scoping documents can all be found here.

Oregon Pesticide Laws and Regulations
This website provides links to the original texts of pesticide laws and regulations pertinent to the state of Oregon as well as a number of links to more information on compliance and enforcement.

Search Pesticide Products Information
The Oregon Department of Agriculture maintains this resource which allows anyone to search for pesticide products registered in Oregon.


Oregon/Washington BLM Rangelands/Grazing
This page provides general information on the BLM’s rangeland management policies and its permit grazing program.

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