These resources are intended to provide a general introduction to the legal, institutional, and ecological considerations may help land managers in the state of Washington implement successful vegetation treatments. Most of the links provided in the "National Resources" section are also applicable and should not be overlooked, but those found here may be more specific. Neither list claims to be comprehensive, but attempts to provide a useful introduction to relevant rules, regulations and best management practices.

General Land Management

Oregon/Washington BLM Related Laws, Regulations, and Policies
The BLM maintains this list of laws and regulations related to land management actions on public lands.  Many of the documents found here (such as the Endangered Species Act) may also be relevant to private landowners.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Publication
This page provides access to a number of documents relevant to managing landscapes for priority habitats and species.

Washington NRCS Farm Bill Conservation Programs
This page provides access to all of the Farm Bill Conservation Programs that Washington landowners might benefit from, including the Conservation of Private Grazing Land Initiative, the Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program, the Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program and more.


State of Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Smoke Management Plan
Revised in 1998, this plan lays the guidelines for smoke management when burning on DNR-regulated forestland.  It provides information on policy, collaboration among land and air quality managers, smoke management programs, accountability, and meeting other Clean Air Act requirements.

Washington Division of Natural Resources Fire Regulation, Silvicultural Burning and Fuel Management

This page provides information on how to conduct a prescribed burn in the state of Washington safely and in compliance with the regulations.  Information is available here on Wildland Urban Interface Fuels Management and Fire and Silvicultural Burning Regulations.

Pesticides/ Herbicides

Washington State Department of Agriculture
Pesticide Management Division
Information on pesticide use, compliance, laws and rules, licensing/recertification, product registration, waste pesticide disposal and more can be found here.


Oregon/Washington BLM Rangelands/Grazing
This page provides general information on the BLM’s rangeland management policies and its permit grazing program.

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