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Guide to Stakeholder Groups for Great Basin Sagebrush Steppe Restoration

Guide to Stakeholder Groups cover imageThere are many organizations in the Great Basin with an interest in how the sagebrush rangelands of the region are managed. A SageSTEP publication and online resource, Guide to Stakeholder Groups for Great Basin Sagebrush Steppe Restoration, provides information about stakeholder groups to assist managers as they deal with issues facing these systems. The guide was created for land managers to consult as they plan and carry out projects, particularly on public land where groups often have conflicting interests. When properly informed, stakeholders can become important partners in working toward restoration and management goals. Conversely, they can hinder the progress of management projects when they feel that their perspectives and needs are not being considered. As land managers work to incorporate the priorities of stakeholders into restoration plans, they may avoid conflicts and be better prepared to address conflicts when they arise.

This guide identifies and categorizes stakeholder groups into five categories: Conservation, Information, Management, Research and Utilization. Section two identified groups, their category(ies), the group’s mission statement, a web address where more information can be obtained, and the geographical focus area of their activities. Section 3 of the guide, titled Notable Partners and Adversaries, provides information about improving relationships with stakeholder groups as well as a list of groups that have filed litigation within the past five years. The guide is available online as well as in printable PDF format.

An online version of the guide is available here.

Click here to download a printable PDF version of the guide.