Spruce Mountain Site

Location: Elko County, ~ 40 miles from Wells, NV
Land Management Agency: Bureau of Land Management Elko Field Office
SageSTEP Site Manager: Neil Frakes
Plots: Three 50-acre core plots (Control, Burn, Mechanical)
Elevation: 6900-7400 ft
Topography: 3-35% slopes; NE, E, SE, S aspects
Common Vegetation: Utah juniper, singleleaf pinyon pine, curlleaf mountain mahogany, Wyoming big sagebrush, black sagebrush, green rabbitbrush, bitterbrush, bluebunch wheatgrass, Sandberg bluegrass, Indian ricegrass, needleandthread, long-leaf phlox, mat buckwheat, yellow eyed cryptantha
Soils: Loamy-skeletal, carbonatic, mesic
Fire Regime: Historical fire return interval of 30-40 years. Woodland invasion and canopy closure have significantly increased the risk of less frequent, catastrophic fire in these communities.
Representative Land Base: Vast acreages in both the High Central and High Calcareous Provinces
Treatment Schedule: This site was never treated as planned, due to litigation in 2008. All three plots were measured in 2006, and data remain part of database.

Updated 2009


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